Hope For Japan!

I haven’t posted in weeks! Sorry about that, I guess I was caught up in civilization. Okay, let’s talk about Japan! I’ve sure that you have heard of the disasters that have happened in Japan. The earthquake, the tsunami, the nuke exploding. I know that Japan has had a history of earthquakes, of course- I’m just surprised that this is the largest one that Japan has ever experienced… ever. It’s fascinating, but oh-so tragic. I’m sure that you guys have heard of that “text this word to this number to donate 10$ to Japan”. I’m thinking of talking my parents into it. And I’m pretty sure that I saw (on the news) a phrase that said, “This disaster is worse that WWII”. Whoa! I didn’t think that was possible.


If you click on the link (^^^) you can read about how you can donate money through a text. 10$ will add up fast! FOR THE CHILDREN!

          Hope for Japan!                    

(Louie, taken with Nikon Coolpix L110, Hope for Japan!)


Vacation is over. :[

Le title says it all. I know, its tragic.

So I found this thing on the interwebz the other day and I was like “OMG NOOOOO WAAAAY!” Just.. just take a look.

For people who don’t really know me well, well, let’s just say that this would describe me perfectly. Now, I found it on the internet so it’s not mine, but I really want it to be… someday 😀

And I was ALSO searching today and stumbled upon this:
cute baby animals - Spin Dashing in Slow Motion
Sorry for the suckish post.. vacation is over and I’m super tired. Good night! 😀

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

We just love them around here! So, I thought I’d introduce you to MY puppies, Louie and Armand. (I didn’t name them, or have a say in naming them.. for that matter.) Armand (Ar-mond) is the white one, and Louie (Loo-eee) is the brownish, grayish, off white one. 😀

Wordpress App- Y U NO Decent?

It’s official, I’m attached to my iPod. And meme’s. So today, our topic will be about a great meme series called “Happy Kitten”. Now, I love Happy Kitten as much as the next guy, but, he (or she, however you think of it) is..well..kinda evil. And, hilarious. (But mostly evil)

memes - This is my cup of care \_/  Oh Look it's empty
memes - Talk to a Ghost  Tell it to Get a Life
memes - Happy Cat:I had a dream about you
memes - I didn't slap you,  I high-fived you in the face!
Happy Kitten: Skittle
Classic Happy Kitten

You see what I mean?

arrrrgh.. sorry!

My apologies for why I haven’t been posting. It’s a mix between homework, sleepiness, and just being plain lazy. But now, I gotta focus. Why? Because tonight my school is having a winter concert, and I’m scared. I wouldn’t be, but seeming we are lacking the amount of rehearsal. So, I know some lyrics, but not many. Ugh, PLEASE wish me luck! I really don’t wanna mess up.

So, who would you catch a grenade for?

Funny Food Photos - Chocolate Grenades
So tell me.. how was your Valentine’s Day?

New theme! (Have you noticed?)

TGIF! You know what that means? New Degrassi! Yayayayayayayayayayay!

But, besides that, I have activated a new theme for the blog. I really like it, I think it fits well.

So, I’ve discovered this website called etsy.com. It’s like an online store, and a lot og the things on there are super adorable! I love it, especially the crochet items. Take a look!

Now those are just some of the things on the site. But, they’re are hundreds on things! So go check it out, http://www.etsy.com/?ref=hdr

Good night!

I’ve been so stressed out lately.

Which is probably why I haven’t been posting. Yeah.. sorry about that. I’ve had a really bad start to February. I can’t wait for MCAS to be over, and school, and winter, or any cold weather. There are too many conflicts going right now. It’s hard to find help.

But you know what does help? Lomography!

Oooooh! I love these little lomos!

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